To remove a user from your TeamGrid team, click on the "Settings" icon in the upper right corner and select "User" in the left navigation bar.

Now click on the user you want to delete from your TeamGrid team and open the "Administration" area. 

Confirm the deletion process. 

This happens after you remove a user from your team:

If the user is removed from your team, he can no longer log in to your TeamGrid team. All tasks currently assigned to the user will be marked as unassigned tasks. The time entries created by this user in the past are retained and can still be found via TeamGrid Analytics. 

Note: Please note that the "Delete user" function is only available to you if you are in the administrator user role or you have explicitly been given permission to manage users in TeamGrid. If this function is not available to you, please contact a TeamGrid administrator from your TeamGrid team to obtain this authorization.

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