With our Slack-Integration you will be informed about news in TeamGrid directly via Slack. 

Receive personal notifications in Slack

You can configure TeamGrid so that you receive your personal notifications as a direct message in slack. 

This way you can connect Slack with your personal TeamGrid notifications:

1. First open the settings by clicking on the gear in the upper right corner. 

2. Now click on "Notifications" in the "Account" area. 

3. Click now on the button "Add to Slack".

4. Now choose how you want to receive the notifications. We recommend that you receive personal notifications as a direct message from your slack user. 

5. Now you can select in TeamGrid which notifications you want to receive about slack by ticking the "Slack" column.

Receive project-specific notifications in Slack

If you connect one of your TeamGrid projects with Slack, you will receive news from this project directly in Slack. And this is how you proceed:

1. Open the project you want to connect with Slack.

2. Click on "Edit project" and click on "Slack" in the left sidebar.

3. Click now on the button "Add to Slack".

4. Select the channel in which you want to receive Slack notifications.

5. Ready! From now on you will receive all news from a TeamGrid project in your selected Slack-Channel. 

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