In some cases, it is difficult to identify the appropriate user for the task directly when creating a task. In this case, you can assign the task to a group first. The participants of the group then see the task in their group inbox and can assign the task to themselves.

And this is how it works

  1. You create a task
  2. You open the task detail view
  3. You click on the user icon in the upper right corner.
  4. You select a group

The Group Inbox

If you have selected a group in the task details, the task appears in the group inbox. To do this, use the dropdown menu in the Tasks app to jump to the corresponding group.

If you have selected the group, you will now find the "Groups Inbox" in the first column. The members of this group now see the tasks and can assign them to themselves by dragging the task into their own person column. 

By the way, you can activate a notification via e-mail, in-app or slack in the settings as soon as a new task appears in the inbox of a group in which you are a member. 

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