The custom fields for contacts ensure that you can add additional data to your contacts in the form of text, date or drop-down fields.


In the "Contacts App"-Area inside the TeamGrid settings you will find the configuration options for the custom contact fields. 

Before you can assign your individual fields to your contacts, you have to create them in the settings:

You can choose from the following field types:

Text field, multiline text field, yes/no, date field, selection field incl. multiple selection option and a number field.

In the advanced settings you can further configure your field. The preview shows you the current state of your field configuration.

As soon as you have created your field, it will be available for further use in your contacts.

Assign fields to a contact

You can now add the fields you have created to your contacts. To do this, please open the Contacts App, open the settings for one of your contacts and click on the "Contact fields" tag.

Now you can assign your desired individual contact fields to your contact.

And fill the individual fields with content: 

Please notice: At the moment no filtering or evaluation according to these fields is possible. This possibility will be supplemented by a later update!

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